Saturday, October 1, 2011

Link: Ladies Who Critique

I recently learned about Ladies Who Critique... it's basically an online service where woman writers can find critique partners. I'm not in need of their services at the moment, but it sounded like an interesting project, so I thought I'd pass it on. Here's what organizer Laura Pepper Wu has to say:

Ladies Who Critique is a place where any writer looking to find a supportive critique partner/ beta reader can find a compatible match (or several). We are here for writers of all levels – published, unpublished, agented, unagented, aspiring, hobbyists, even closet writers or complete newbies! There are no requirements or criteria for Ladies Who Critique membership (except that you should be 16 +) and it is completely free – and always will be.

We currently have 15 genre groups as well as a Coffee House (for chit-chat) a Publishing Help and Advice group, and a Book Marketing group. Ladies Who Critique aspires to be:

- A place where women writers of all levels can search & find a match based on genre, experience & interests.
- A completely free service.
- Fun and without obligation.
- Safe and trustworthy.
- Fills the current need for such a space online.
- Be up to date with current trends in publication.
- Support the women who wish to pursue the traditional path and those who choose to go down the self publication route.
- Build confidence in those who aren’t even confident to call themselves writers quite yet.
- Offer a variety of articles, resources and blogposts on how to successfully critique, the benefits of critique, and how to maintain a good critiquing relationship.
- Enable our members to be fully savvy on the ins and outs of the new rules of publishing by keeping up to date with the newest and current technology, and developments in the publishing industry.

If you're curious, hop over and check it out...