Thursday, May 31, 2012

"The Liars" to lead Analog's October issue!

When I saw my galley proofs come through the other day - those are the magazine-formatted pages with my story on them that I need to check for typos and problematic punctuation - I knew that meant that my new story would be coming out from Analog in about two months, but not precisely which issue it would appear in.

However, I now have the official news! "The Liars" will be appearing as the lead novelette in the October issue of Analog (appearing on stands and online in August)... and the cover art is being done by Michael Whelan!

I've been an admirer of Michael Whelan's work since I was a child, so I was amazed and honored when I heard this news. I promise I'll share the art with you as soon as I can. And here's a little blurb for the story:

The Liars
Allied Systems linguists Adrian and his wife Qing meet a friend on the eco-vacation planet of Poik-Paradise, where they are dismayed to find the Paradise Company exploiting the native people as cute tour guides. Adrian's skill with the local language attracts a guide named Op who doesn't seem quite like the others, and the longer they spend with her, the more it seems that something sinister is happening in Paradise. Is the Paradise Company up to something? Are the Poik? How can they find out how deep this goes when they're not sure if Op can be trusted?