Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Announcement: I have an agent!

I'm very excited to announce that I have signed with agent Kristopher O'Higgins of the Scribe Agency. This means that very soon I'll be moving into the publisher submissions process with my novel, For Love, For Power. Wish me luck!

It's really wonderful to find an agent who "gets" your book. From my point of view, it was so important to find someone who really understood what Varin was about as well as the depth of my commitment to it. Those of you who have been hearing about this world in my worldbuilding hangouts for years will get what I'm saying best of all!

Thank you ever so much to Kristopher, and thanks also to everyone who has supported me for so long in my writing process and in my search! If not for your support, your introductions, your warmth and good words when I was feeling discouraged, I think it would have taken me a lot longer to get to this point.

Now, to cross fingers for the next bit...