Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Introducing the Dive into Worldbuilding Workshop at Patreon!

Dive into Worldbuilding started in 2011 - five years ago - when Google+ introduced their hangouts feature and I decided it would be fun to hang out with fellow writers and talk about worldbuilding. Since then, it has grown and changed, from just a bunch of friends meeting online with no record except my written summaries, to a meeting that got recorded and sent to YouTube, to a show featuring a wide variety of guest authors as well as regular topic discussions. With each change, my goal has been to reach a wider variety of interesting people, listen to more interesting views on worldbuilding, and share insights with as many people as possible.

Today, I'm taking it a step further with the Dive into Worldbuilding Patreon - which is also the Dive into Worldbuilding Workshop.

This Patreon will do more than just support my research into panel topics. It will help me to pay my guest authors for their time and expertise - but it will also let me help more of you.

By pledging to the Patreon, you'll be effectively enrolling in a worldbuilding workshop. Choose the level of your choice and receive brainstorming prompts, research links, commentary on videos from the show archives, or a peek into my notes. At higher pledge levels you can also ask me questions, get me to take a Ridiculously Close look at your writing, or hang out with me monthly to consult about your work.

I've got a few guest posts up around the internet today talking about this project, and I hope you'll go and take a look! 

At Megan O'Keefe's blog, I've contributed to her series called Drinks with Characters.

At Janice Hardy's Fiction University, I've written a post about Going Beyond the Default in Your Worldbuilding.

At Ann Leckie's blog, I've taken a Ridiculously Close Look at the first six paragraphs of Ancillary Justice.

Deborah J. Ross talks about my Patreon at her blog, with a post featuring her own appearance on the show to talk about The Seven-Petaled Shield.

So enjoy the posts, but most of all, consider checking out the Dive into Worldbuilding Patreon and joining the workshop! I'll look forward to working with you.