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Friday, April 30, 2010

Irregular series at TTYU

I just wanted to bring your attention to a few of the links I have in my Popular Posts area. I have a few recurring topics that I have given similar titles, but which have heretofore been difficult to find because they did not recur in a scheduled manner. I've now compiled those three into the following links, which you can find here or in the Popular Posts list:

Series: A different value
These posts discuss different values placed on commonplace ideas in different cultures, and how those different values can be considered in the worldbuilding process.

Series: How linguistics can help you!
These posts cover the different subtopics of linguistics, from phonology and syntax to semantics and pragmatics, with an eye to how you can apply them to worldbuilding and story design.

Series: Ridiculously Close Looks
These posts are my "ridiculously close" analyses of different works by well known authors, where I do my best to track the impact of the writing back to the details of its composition.

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