Sunday, January 13, 2008

Submit here for Wednesday Worldbuilding!

This is an open call for submissions for my ongoing micro-workshop for worldbuilders and language/culture designers. I select a maximum of one entry per week to engage with in depth and discuss on the blog.

So, you're interested in workshopping with me and having your work looked at by my readers?

Please submit an excerpt of no more than five hundred words from your work in progress (novel length or shorter story length), with a sentence or two telling me what kind of feedback you're looking for. If the excerpt is the opening of your work, and you want feedback on your world-entry, don't tell me anything else. If the excerpt is from the middle of your work, you may add an additional sentence or two to give me some basic previous context. Entries totaling over 1000 words of text and explanation cannot be considered, so please be concise.

Please submit your excerpts in the comments space below this post, or email in the body of the email only to info at juliettewade dot com. Attachments are prohibitively difficult to work with. If you're leaving a comment below and would like email confirmation that you've been selected, please include an email address with your excerpt.