Friday, January 25, 2008

Wednesday Worldbuilding Workshop

Welcome! This is a post both for tracking/reading the Wednesday Worldbuilding Workshop and for submitting to it.

First, if you're interested in workshopping with me and having your work looked at by my readers, please submit, in the comments space below, an excerpt of no more than five hundred words from your work in progress (novel length or shorter story length), with a sentence or two telling me what kind of feedback you're looking for. If the excerpt is the opening of your work, and you want feedback on your world-entry, don't tell me anything else. If the excerpt is from the middle of your work, you may add an additional sentence or two to give me some basic previous context. Entries totaling over 1000 words of text and explanation cannot be considered, so please be concise. Please include an email address if you want me to inform you that you have been selected.

Here is a list of links to all the posts that have appeared in the Wednesday Worldbuilding Workshop, in case you would like to take a look:
  1. The Narrator is Your Ambassador - E. Arroyo
  2. Making the Amnesiac work for you - Megs
  3. Managing the juxtaposition of normal and abnormal - David Marshall
  4. Signposting Differences - Che Gilson
  5. Macro- and micro-grounding - Anonymous
  6. Foregrounding and Backgrounding Information - Rachel Udin
  7. Description implies narrator focus - Domini
  8. Metaphors and magic in a blended world - Harry Markov
  9. Take your time and build - Nnedi Okorafor (for her Nebula-nominated Who Fears Death)
  10. Managing information and surprises - Suzi McGowen
  11. Aligning "Ordinary" Judgment - Megs
  12. Ambiguity and Anchoring in Fantasy Contexts - Lexie
  13. Orienting by marking insiders and outsiders - Siri Paulson
  14. Superiors and inferiors in a magic system - Nicole Sheldrake