Monday, January 5, 2015

My 2014 in Review

I'm wrapping up 2014 at the start of 2015 - yes, it happens. Basically, it had to be this way because I was waiting for my last publication of the year to come through, and then the holidays hit, but here we go...

Summary: 2014 was a fantastic year for me.

I published four stories this year, four times as many as any previous year! I am not sanguine about quadrupling my performance again this year, though I suppose it's worth a shot. :) Here are the stories:

1. "Suteta Mono de wa Nai (Not Easily Thrown Away)" - Clarkesworld 90, March 2014

This was my first ever appearance in Clarkesworld, which had been a dream for me for years! So I was really excited. Also, super-happy to have published a story about Japan in such an amazing venue. Thank you, Neil Clarke! This story appeared on Tangent's recommended reading list, so thanks also to the Tangent reviewers!

2. "Mind Locker" - Analog, July/August 2014

This was my fifth appearance in Analog, but my first with editor Trevor Quachri. This story also appears in the Tangent recommended reading list.

3. "Soul's Bargain" - Clarkesworld 94, July 2014

This was my first pro-level sale of a Varin story (thanks again, Neil!). I have another one coming out this month in Not Our Kind, edited by Nayad Monroe, so look out for that!

4. "Lady Sakura's Letters" - STRAEON 1, December 2014

I'm delighted that editor Marc Blake was willing to get behind this story, which was inspired by my studies in classical Japanese literature - the story references the work of Murasaki Shikibu and Sei Shonagon. If you loved Kij Johnson's The Fox Woman, you'll find a nod to that source of inspiration in the story also. I also liked that this story allowed me to explore a different kind of "strong female character." I hope you enjoy it.

I had a great month of December with three fantastic guests at Dive into Worldbuilding: Aliette de Bodard, Maurice Broaddus, and Joyce Chng. My first guest this year will be N.K. Jemisin! She'll be joining us on Monday, January 12 at 5pm Pacific on Google +. More information on this and other 2015 plans will appear in another post!

My heartiest thanks go out to everyone who has helped me this past year - critiquers, beta readers, cheer squad members, editors, and friends. I wouldn't be able to do what I do without all of you.

Best wishes for 2015!