Friday, January 14, 2011

Something to look forward to

As I was going through my files last week I ran across an old version of a story I wrote some years ago, called "The Valiant Heart." This is a story that I posted on a now-long-defunct version of my website - a story I'd always liked but never been able to sell.

Lo and behold, when I started looking at the text, I started wanting to rewrite it and make it better. I told this to a writer friend of mine, and she suggested that I keep the old version and do a comparison of the old and new versions, talking about what I'd changed and why.

I was immediately excited about the idea. Therefore, my current plan is to sneak some revisions for this story in between my other projects, and eventually (when the revision is done) post it up at my author website alongside "Let the Word Take Me," at the same time bringing out a discussion post here talking about revisions and what I've learned as a writer since the last time I tried to write "The Valiant Heart."

This should be fun! I'll keep you posted on my progress.